Wednesday, June 24, 2009

City-Wide Composting: A Brilliant Idea

I’ve always loved San Francisco politics and new legislation signed Tuesday by Mayor Gavin Newsom is no exception.

The San Francisco mayor signed into law the nation’s first mandatory composting legislation that will prevent tons of material from going to the landfill and in turn, will reduce greenhouse gases. Residents and more importantly, businesses, will be required to compost food scraps.

According to the mayor’s office, San Francisco already converts more than 400 tons of food scraps and other compostable discards into high-grade, nutrient-rich organic compost every day. By requiring homeowners, apartment dwellers, and restaurants owners to separate their food scraps from their trash, that number is expected to increase, and will further reduce the amount of methane gas that is released in an oxygen-starved landfill.

The city believes that composting will become “second nature for Americans, just like sorting bottles and paper.”

I’ve been recycling bottles and newspapers for more than 25 years. Let’s hope food composting takes less time to catch on.

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  1. Nice blog!

    I'm glad politicians are doing their part to not fuck up the planet. :P


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