Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's for Sale?

There's always something cooking at mothercluck. We use the freshest seasonal produce to make our award-winning jams and preserves. They make great gifts and will be most appreciated by the food lovers you know -- that is, everyone.

Here's what we have in stock:

  • Meyer Lemon & Myers Rum Marmalade (3M). The peel is almost candied. A beautiful marm with a hint of vanilla. $10
  • Sweet Pickled Oranges. A perfect side dish for Christmas morning. $12
  • Pomegranate & Cranberry Marmalade. Yes, we hand-selected and juiced the pomegranates ourselves. This one is my favorite. $10
  • Traditional Cranberry & Orange Marmalade. Delicious and seasonal. $10
  • Pickled Shallots. For the onion lover. This is really good stuff. 'Nuf said. $12
  • Chestnut & Vanilla Jam.  For breakfast, dessert or right now! $6
Interested? please contact me through my etsy site at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mothercluck. Local delivery for a minimal charge is available for Los Angeles residents. 

And don't forget to try some Smoked Cheese Crack. It's addicting, but in a good way.

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