Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, You Can! Canning Class Offered

Here's your chance to get hands-on experience canning some of your favorite summer items. I'll be sharing my knowledge at an intimate class hosted by the fine folks at Simple Gourmet, where I'll teach canning safety and how to get the most out of your summer produce. The class is set for 10:30 a.m., Saturday, July 30.

Class includes locally grown produce, (yes, we will actually can!) canning jars, written materials and will last 3-4 hours. You will leave with three jars of finished canned items you made that day! Learn more about the class here

The class is limited to 10 individuals so make sure to sign up today!


  1. It looks like this class may be full, as I don't see it listed in Simple Gourmet's schedule. Do you have any other canning classes coming up?

  2. Yes, we have some classes coming up at our flagship store, Mother Moo Creamery. Join our mailing list at for upcoming classes as soon as we open. Also friend us on facebook at for updates!


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