Monday, August 24, 2009

Something's Wrong Here

I may be a mother with a young son but I still don't think I need special privileges to park. I'm certainly not handicapped. Anybody have any thoughts?


  1. Seems bizzaro to me. I appreciated the parking for pregnant women at BabiesRUs while pregnant. But, this is ridiculous.

  2. No, I LOVE this! When I have a cart full of groceries and a squirmy toddler, the idea of walking all the way across the parking lot is anathema. I wish they'd offer it more places where you potentiall have a carload of stuff & kids (IKEA does this as well). Plus, did you notice: it's the shady spot? That's important when you've got a car seat in the car. Yay to Fresh & Easy! (and I never understood why I got to park close when pregnant but then when the baby came out and was much harder to control, I lost the privilege - carrying around a belly is way easier than a baby!)


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