Wednesday, July 22, 2009

California Dreamin'

Joe and I recently went to visit some friends in Orange County and on the way home I took advantage of a sleeping Joe and drove along California’s great treasure, Pacific Coast Highway. It was a gorgeous sight – the sun was at its lowest point in the day, kites were flying in the horizon, and I could even taste the sweet saltiness of the ocean.

I haven’t cruised along PCH in nearly a decade. During that journey’s brief moments of tranquility, I thought about my day, my life, and the changes I’m about to embark on in the weeks ahead. Most importantly, I thought about Joe’s future and what it will mean for him to be a Californian.

I’ve lived in this state nearly a third of my life. I consider myself more of a Californian that a Midwesterner, although my body is built for those long winter nights and for heavy lifting. I love this state, and I love my life and the great opportunities offered here. We’ve been fortunate. Very fortunate. Granted, the state is pretty messed up right now. But I do believe that people will continue to flock here.

I’m committed to showing Joe all that this great state offers, and for him to embrace a life of sun, innocence, and cool ocean breezes. When he’s a few years older, we’ll travel again along Pacific Coast Highway, just when the sun is about to set, and we’ll talk about his adventures and this state of great opportunity.

For now, it’s safe to say, he’ll never be a Midwestern boy. Thank God. I don't think my waistline could take any more meat.

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