Sunday, July 26, 2009

You are naming it WHAT?

I must confess: my husband who hates farm chores cannot stand the name of this blog. When I first mentioned my idea, he had several reactions, most of which went like this:

“I don’t want Joe saying that name. Ever.”

“It’s offensive, Karen. It’s too close to the other word.”

“Think of your digital imprint. Do you really want to be associated with that name?”

“What will our families think?” And what exactly is a mothercluck?"

So I did what other dutiful wives often do. I ignored his conservative views and registered the domain. It wasn’t taken. I thought, hey, I’m on to something.

Joe knows the name of the blog and he’s said it a few times, and as a result, my husband who hates farm chores has rolled his eyes a few times…. well, actually, a few hundred times. It’s not nice to call people a mothercluck.

A few people have told me they never thought of the other word when talking about this blog. I’m grateful for that. But for now, mothercluck it is.

And I don’t mind being called that.

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